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International Travel Health Insurance

U.S. domestic healthcare plans may include some or limited international coverage, but is it as comprehensive as your clients may need?

Travel Overseas

Many of your clients enrolled in a domestic plan may assume that their coverage extends seamlessly overseas. However, that’s often not the case. Some domestic group plans offer no coverage. While other plans may cover emergency care, many will require your clients to pay out-ofpocket and be reimbursed at a higher out-of-network rate and lack access to services such as telemedicine and evacuation benefits.

In fact, most ACA plans do not provide international medical coverage, and even the best Medicare supplement plans have limited international benefits.

To protect your clients from unwanted surprises, here are the gaps that could occur when relying only on domestic insurance internationally.

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Ensure your clients are protected

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A Tale of Two Trips

When a terrible accident befalls two travelers, see how the members’ experiences differ in this short video – a cautionary tale based on an actual member’s experience. Share this video with your clients to illustrate how international medical coverage can help.

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