Testimonials - Bay Area Health Insurance Services

"Gary, is truly involved in every step of the insurance process. He delves into details to understand our needs. Next he recommends the best products. Best of all, he does not hard sell. When shopping for insurance, you may be surprised when you meet Gary because he works for our needs and he will work on your behalf too."
– Arnold Flores from Dry Eye Guys

“We had a really good experience. Gary’s been able to explain how to manage the health care we purchased and knows a lot about the health care system overall. We really appreciate his knowledge and understanding. We would highly recommend Gary to our friends and family.”
– M. & D. Angel

“Gary was awesome he made it easy and he was always available when I needed him. I was going from Blue Shield to Medicare Advantage plan and it was a seamless transition. He hustled it through so we could make our deadline which was 4 days from when I needed to make the switch! I already recommended a buddy of mind to Gary and will recommend many more!”
– M. McMasters

"I met Gary through another insurance agent who actually referred me to Gary because they felt Gary was more knowledgeable and experienced. When we spoke, he was just fabulous and wonderful. I actually called Covered California myself and they gave me the wrong information. With Gary he took care of everything. I give Gary 5 stars and he is absolutely amazing."
– C. Anderson

"Gary is awesome. I think he was pretty straight forward, kind and very eloquent in articulating his answers to the questions I had. He was not standoffish and actually concerned about getting me health, dental and vision insurance. I was referred to Gary by my boyfriend and I’ve already passed his name along to friends and family that I know."
– K. Rojales

"Gary was very helpful. It was just this one time I was looking for health insurance and he was the one that called me back when I applied for it. I’m glad he called me back because I've never been through this process before. He answered every question, I understood what I paid for and I would recommend him to my friends and family."
– M. Besemer

"Gary and I met at a breakfast business meeting and subsequently, he helped me get supplemental health insurance. He’s always been great to work with especially his capabilities in analyzing things. Frankly, I don't even remember the process because he made it so easy and effortless to get the insurance I needed. I would absolutely recommend his services, in fact I already do."
- R. Van Steen

"I purchased health insurance with Gary. He was recommended to me by Covered CA as a certified agent where we met over the phone. He was helpful, detailed, very knowledgeable and knows how to guide my decisions which is very important to me. I didn't know how to sort through the available plans. He made great recommendations. I really like Gary; now that I know more about what he does, I am going to recommend him to friends and family."
- A. Flores

"Gary, Oh he is a wonderful gentleman. He helped me get health insurance for my son and I was able to obtain our health insurance . He's been effective in helping me."
- A. Ezzat

"I obtained Covered CA Insurance with Gary. This was my previous insurance in the past. He was very knowledgeable, answered my questions and made sure I was aware of what I purchased. I've referred Gary to a few people actually because he was really resourceful--he even came to my office. Because I have a small business, we were trying to figure out if a group or individual plan was best for me. Gary was instrumental in helping me make the best decision."
- M. Welke

"The value and impact Gary’s services have had on me and my family has been 100%--I love it! He’s a super great guy, knowledgeable and I would refer him to friends and family. As a first time customer, we met over the phone. From that conversation I purchased dental, medical and life insurance . On a scale of 1 - 10 I’d rate Gary a 10!"
- K. Illges